Sweet Honey in the Rock Media Kit

Sweet Honey in the Rock is:

Nitanju Bolade Casel
Aisha Kahlil
Carol Maillard
Louise Robinson
Romeir Mendez
Rochelle Rice

Dwana Makeba - Tour Manager

Contact Information:


Sweet Honey In The Rock, Inc.
PO BOX 10928
Silver Spring, MD 20914

Domestic Booking:

International Booking:
Eric Hanson
(415) 308-7864

Dear Producer/Presenter:

Thank you for choosing to bring Sweet Honey In The Rock to your city.

We want to help ensure that your Sweet Honey event is as successful as possible.

This web site (www.sweethoneyintherock.org) has been invaluable in helping producers generate sales for their concerts.

Our web site contains a concert tour page with HTML links to the events listed. Please forward the web site address link you want listed next to your concert date. Please make sure you provide that information as soon as possible to the Sweet Honey office – info@sweethoney.com

Please stress to your media contacts that it is easier to accommodate interview requests in the weeks leading up to the concert, rather than  the week or day of the event. It is difficult for members of the group to fit interviews into the performance day when traveling, sound, and technical checks take priority.

As you know, Sweet Honey In The Rock’s natural audience is broad and diverse. We suggest that you include the following among those communities to which you direct outreach:

The Deaf community is an important part of Sweet Honey’s support base, and the fact that their performance is ASL-interpreted should be part of all promotion and publicity for your concert. A memoregarding ASL Interpretations is included here.

Dwana Makeba, the group’s road staff, will contact you in the weeks prior to your event. She can respond to any concerns you may have. (Just a reminder: if you are planning any pre- or post-concert events requiring the presence of the group, those requests must be submitted at least six weeks prior to your event as per the contract rider.)

 If there are any issues or last-minute media requests arising on the day of Sweet Honey’s performance, please discuss those with Dwana. She is also the person responsible for making all travel arrangements for the group, so any questions related to travel, both air and ground, should be directed to her.

We hope these notes have been helpful to you as you prepare for Sweet Honey’s visit.

We wish you great success with your event.

Sweet Honey In The Rock, Inc.