Sweet Honey int he Rock Media Kit

To:                   Presenters/Producers
From:               Sweet Honey in the Rock
Re:                   Sweet Honey In The Rock Concert Outreach to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Audience

Congratulations in your undertaking a Sweet Honey In The Rock concert production. In an effort to include Deaf people as part of the Sweet Honey diversified audience, may we make the following suggestions:

  • Include Deaf people on your production crew; they will be your best resource regarding outreach to the Deaf community – Deaf people know where Deaf people are.
  • ASL Symbol
    download ASL symbol:
    .jpg | .eps
    Mention in all media that the concert is being Sign interpreted; the Sign interpreter symbol may also be used.
  • Include a Deaf organization as a ticket outlet.
  • Make an effort to reduce ticket costs. (A concert promoter in Albany, Georgia actually applied for and received an “arts” grant that enabled her to donate tickets to Deaf patrons. Another promoter in Indianapolis, Indiana enlisted contributions from members of her organization’s board of directors to benefit Deaf audience participation.
  • Include a TTY phone number for ticket information. (A TTY device makes the telephone accessible to Deaf people. Also, most states have a TTY Relay service.)
  • Reserve Deaf seating – audience central/left, close to the front of the house.
  • Promote your concert in Deaf media, i.e., newsletters, email bulletins, etc.
  • Include ushers at the venue who are fluent in American Sign Language (ASL.)

We hope these suggestions are helpful. Best wishes, and we’ll be in touch.