Message from the Founder

Now that I’ve come to the end of the 30 years of creating the work that has become Sweet Honey In The Rock, I look back in wonder at the journey of this last year where as we celebrated three decades of creating wonderful powerful music, we also took up the challenging work of making a way for Sweet Honey to continue as I stepped down as leader and singer in this incredible community of African American singers and extended family.

I am deeply moved that Ysaye, Nitanju, Maillard and Aisha decided that they could make the personal commitment to change their lives so that they could continue the work. It is not a given you know. And making the commitment was just the beginning; we have worked very hard in many ways during this past year to create the way ahead for Sweet Honey to create her voice as our communal voice for justice and truth in the world.

We would not have been able to make this journey thus far without you who join us as audience community within the many spaces where we sing. It has been your tenacious work that has helped to create what has become an expanding international audience increasing the safety zone for so many who deserve honor, sonic and visual space in this universe.

As I leave Sweet Honey In The Rock, I commit myself as long as I have breath to continue to find a way for you to know I am still in the world. And though moving at a different rhythm and pace, my work, my voice, my life will remain grounded by the stance I took as a freedom singer in the Albany Movement more than 42 years ago.

Be sure to come and see about me and don’t forget to get your ticket to the next nearest Sweet Honey In The Rock concert!

-Bernice Johnson Reagon