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For the first time, they visit Paraguay, the American musical ensemble  Sweet Honey In The Rock®   that will offer several free concerts around the country, thanks to the Art Envoys program  of the Department of State of the United States of America  and under the coordination of the Embassy of the States United States of America in Paraguay.

During her stay in our country, from September 7 to 11, this a cappella group formed by African-American women activists will offer concerts and master classes in the cities of Hernandarias, Encarnación, Aregua, and as a closing of their tour, they will start at the rhythm of jazz with a special concert at the Ignacio A. Pane Municipal Theater of the city of Asuncion as one of the activities of what will be the Asujazz Festival 2017 , where the American Cultural Center Paraguay (CCPA) will celebrate the twenty years of continuous promotion of jazz music in the country, in alliance with the Municipality of Asunción.

Twice Grammy Award Winners and several times nominated Sweet Honey has a long history of collaboration with authors, composers, choreographers, costume designers, poets and visual artists so that in their concerts and master classes they give the opportunity to connect with those of diverse artistic origins, cultural origins and generations. It is for this reason that their presentation at the Municipal Theater will feature the participation of the Choir “Kuña reko yvoty”, a group of women Avá Guaraní and Aché who sing to life and nature.

Sweet Honey In The Rock® will   develop the following activities, free and open access:

Thursday, September 7 – CDE / Hernandarias, Alto Paraná

14:00 hs.-  Master class and interactive experience with Sweet Honey in the Rock® at the Conservatory of Fine Arts of the UNE (Calle Acá Caraya and El Carmen, Area 3, Ciudad del Este).

8:00 p.m. –  Concert in the Reception Center of Itaipú Binacional (Hernandarias).

Friday, September 8 – Encarnación / Itapuá

8:30 p.m.  – Concert in the 13th BookFeria Encarnación – Place: Plaza de Armas.

Sunday, September 10 – Air

10:00 a.m.  – Master Class and interactive experience with Sweet Honey in the Rock® – aimed at children. Location: Bio-Escuela Popular El Cántaro

Sunday, September 10- Asuncion

5:00 p.m.  – Magisterial class and interactive experience with Sweet Honey in the Rock® – directed to adults. Place: Agustin Barrios Gallery CCPA (José Berges 297)

Monday, September 11 – Asunción

8:00 p.m.  – Great concert under the Asujazz 2017 – Sweet Honey in the Rock® next to the Choir “Kuña reko yvoty”, women Avá Guaraní and Aché who sing to life and nature.

Place: Municipal Theater Ignacio A. Pane (Ptte Franco e / Chile y Alberdi).

About Sweet Honey In The Rock®

Sweet Honey In The Rock®   is a female a cappella ensemble encompassing a wide range of musical genres, including blues, folk, gospel, jazz, folk and world music. Currently composed by: Carol Maillard, Aisha Kahlil, Louise Robinson, Nitanju Bolade Casel, Rochelle Rice, and musician Romeir Mendez on bass.

Since its creation in 1973, Sweet Honey has based its musical repertoire on traditional and original compositions, indigenous and universal aesthetics, as well as historical and contemporary influences.

One of the characteristics of this ensemble is its commitment to the history and culture of its country.

In 1999/2000 the group composed with James Horner the original music for the film “Freedom Song” starring Danny Glover, Vicellous Reon Shannon and Vondie Curtis-Hall.

They educate, entertain and empower their audiences through the dynamics of singing a cappella. They use their voices to raise awareness about current social problems and reflect on issues such as: truth, justice, democracy, racism and social inclusion.

Desde los EE.UU. el ensamble a capella Sweet Honey in the Rock® realiza gira por Paraguay



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