Mission Statement

SHIR MISSION:  Educate, Entertain and Empower 

Sweet Honey In The Rock® is a performance ensemble rooted in African American history and culture. The ensemble educates, entertains and empowers its audience and community through the dynamic vehicles of a cappella singing and American Sign Language interpretation for the Deaf and hard of hearing.  Sweet Honey’s audience and community comes from diverse backgrounds and cultures throughout the United States and around the world, and includes people of all ages, economic/education/social backgrounds, political persuasions, religious affiliations, sexual preferences and differing abilities. 

SHIR VISION:  Preserve / Persevere / Endure 

Sweet Honey In The Rock® seeks to preserve and extend the traditions of African American vocal music; to inspire a multidimensional-intergenerational audience to find and use their individual and collective voice to address the critical issues of our time, and to celebrate our common humanity. Sweet Honey seeks to institutionalize its mission, vision, values, and aesthetic core in an organizational structure that will have a life and legacy beyond its current members.  

SHIR VALUES: Truth, Justice and Compassion

As artists, activists, and humanitarians, Sweet Honey In The Rock® has, for forty years, raised her voice to advocate for truth, justice and compassion while addressing the critical issues of democracy, freedom, racism, and economic and social justice. Sweet Honey has also proactively advocated for accessibility and disability rights for the differently abled, and has welcomed the Deaf and hearing impaired by including a Sign Language interpreter in the ensemble.  

SHIR AESTHETIC CORE:  Creation / Collaboration / Connection

Sweet Honey In The Rock® embraces a wide range of musical genres, including spirituals, blues, folk, gospel, jazz, popular and world music.  Sweet Honey draws upon a musical repertoire that spans traditional and original compositions, indigenous and universal aesthetics,historic and contemporary influences.  Sweet Honey has a long track record of collaborating with authors, composers, choreographers, costume designers, poets, visual artists, et al.  Sweet Honey welcomes the opportunity to connect with those of various artistic backgrounds, cultural origins and generations.